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J. Williams is a local author who has just completed writing two books titled “WRONG TURN RIGHT” and part 2 “SOURCE OF INFORMATION.”

The settings for these books take place mainly in Boston Mass. but to major states such as CALIFORNIA, MIAMI, DC, VA, FLA, HOU, MEMPHIS AND NY.

We would welcome an opportunity to have our books sitting on your walls. Not only will it be great exposure for the books, but I feel it will also be a great learning curve for the youths growing up.

J. Williams went through daily struggles as a youth. From the loss of childhood friends to being sentenced
to die in prison to overturning the case to become an established author. Nothing was made easy.

He now works with yourself to curve violence from the grounds up without praise or recognition. Going places where most refuse to go to resolve life ir death situations. J Williams treasures this second chance in life to make a change for good while trying to Right some of his wrongs or as the title says turn a “WRONG TURN RIGHT”

The books start of grimey but as you read the authors story you’ll start to see the growth and change by the end of the trilogy. “WRONG TURN RIGHT” is the first of the trilogy and is raw and uncut. The readers will be drawn to the second book “SOURCE OF INFORMATION.” A look into he music industry world where many of the stars come off as normal people.

Please contact me if you’re interested in interviewing J. WILLIAMS. I can be reached at [email protected] or 6173562813



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