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Jameel Williams has worked with the youth for the past 15 years trying to transform gang members into productive leaders. In 2002 he was sentenced to serve a natural life without the possibility of parole.

With no where to turn and a dire future. Jameel used his time wisely to hone his skills in both writing and the practice of law. His first five years was spent in Shirley maximum prison located in Massachusetts. On his 5th year he was able to overturn the conviction. Unfortunately it would be another seven years awaiting a retrial at Norfolk medium security prison before his release in 2014.

Before his incarceration Jameel aka 8 ran the streets with the notorious Boston gang “Belnel Dogs”. It wasn’t always this way. Jameel grew up across the road in the Greenfield section of Boston.

Removed from a life of crime. The author is now focused on prison reform, helping families deal with losing loved ones to the streets and providing legal advise in some circumstances.

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